Latest Update On The New Podcast Theme

We’re about to release our latest Podcast Theme. We’re really excited about this one and wanted to show you some of the new features we added.

Here’s a video walk through on the new Podcast Themes:

(click here to watch the New Podcast WordPress Theme on YouTube)


Would love to get your feedback or any suggestions on what you’d like to see added or taken out. Just post them in the comments below.


  1. says

    Joey!!! This is right on time. I am planning to move my podcast blog over from Blogger to WordPress in the next few days so I am doing a happy dance right now.

    I got a couple of questions. Are you planning to have sidebar widgets for SoundCloud, Spreaker and Audioboo? Does the social bar at the top include Instagram?

    Thanks Joey! You and Ian are doing a fantastic job.

    • Joey Kissimmee says

      Thanks Ileane. We didn’t have SoundCloud, Spreaker or Audioboo but will will add them before we go live for sure. And no we don’t have Instagram but again, we will have it and update all themes with it.

      Thanks for the suggestions Ileane ;-) Always helps to get feedback…

  2. says

    No RSS feed logo? There are over 150 devices consuming podcasts. Most non ios7 users 50% or so need a RSS feed to subscribe to the podcast.

    • Joey Kissimmee says

      Yes Todd we do have RSS Feed buttons. that’s like a must right ;-)

      But yeah we have a few. Those I showed on the video are just some of the buttons we have. With your help and some suggestions we’ll be creating more buttons.

  3. says

    This theme looks awesome! Joey, I know you said you have more podcast themes coming. I was wondering about a theme that works for both video and audio podcasts? love the big buttons and how to subscribe right up front. KEEP THAT! but if you guys could make a theme that AUTOMATICALLY figures out if a podcast episode is video or audio (Like based on file type for example) That would be really awesome! I am all about visuals! Be it graphics or photos…. and being able to change the front end of a theme so that pictures and graphics change would be also a nice welcome thing to see.



    • Joey Kissimmee says

      We’re currently working on a “vlog” video blog type that will do similar to what you’re talking about. I can’t wait for that one to comeout as I’m a big video guy myself ;-)

  4. Joe Wilson says

    I love how this theme has the menu buttons made for mobile devices, though I feel without the multiple hosts images and featured (latest) episode image it does not seem like a theme I would switch to. My podcast is based around cartoons and we need to have lots of images to help give it a fun feeling to our page. The new audio players look great, but the ease of using podpress’s just makes it hard to want to switch.

    • Joey Kissimmee says

      Hey Joe this theme will have the Podcast Feature images. Also with the buttons you’ll be able to add custom buttons or any other images. All we did here was make it easy for those that aren’t able to get their own custom images.

      And you’ll still be able to use Podpress and Audioplayer with this theme. We didn’t want to limit this as we know there are a ton of Podcasters that are loyal to Podpress and Audioplayer.

        • Joey Kissimmee says

          No we don’t. I don’t use Podpress but I imagine it works the same on on any theme since it’s just shortcodes.

          I use my own shortcodes, the one’s we created with this theme. What I can probably do is bring in someone who’s an expert and uses Podpress to write a tutorial.

          I’ll see what I can do. No promises though ;-)

    • says

      Well that is great to hear. I still like this theme concept for the buttons alone, it should work amazing on mobile devices. I am also not loyal at all to podpress, I would honestly prefer a similar add-on from you guys at appendipity because I like what you guys are producing.

  5. says

    Google Play? I don’t think that’s a podcast directory. I would make that a standard RSS. For me, I love the PowerPress plugin. As a player it gives me a player, a download link, and a open in new window link. How does this integrate with PowePress? Can I use PowerPress instead? How does it know what the latest episode is? PowePress also handles all my iTunes information as well.

    • Joey Kissimmee says

      I’ve seen some podcasters with Google Play logos so this is why we added it. Plus a few requested it.

      And as I mentioned in the other comment, you’ll still be able to use Podpress and Audioplayer with this theme. We didn’t want to limit this as we know there are a ton of Podcasters that are loyal to those plugins.

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